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Wonderful on EVERY Level

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Not nearly enough space to describe what an amazing role Sheri played in our son and daughter-in-law’s wedding. They were married in Nov ‘20, during what we all know was a tough/crazy time. Initially Sheri was all set to be our florist but because of a venue change, restrictions” etc. she became our everything for an entire year! She stood by all of us every single step of the way. Through all the happy and exciting planning, as well as some tearful/stressful moments that came with the crazy time. Sheri helped walk us through and coordinated even the smallest of details. Never once making us feel like she was too busy for anything we would throw at her. As everyone knows it was a challenging year and especially tough for brides. Sheri was first an AMAZING florist and coordinator. She made our bride’s every wish come true through her beautiful vision. It was an absolute picture perfect, fairy tale day on every single level.
More importantly for this mom, Sheri played a role in all our lives that we didn’t even know we needed and will never, ever forget. Their are loads of wonderful florists and coordinators in this city. None of us could have ever imagined what this last year would bring, especially for brides. We could NEVER have made it to that magical day without Sheri. She was a florist, planner/coordinator, AND cheerleader, therapist and shoulder when we needed it. And so much more.
We wish all of you that our reading this your own magical day and hope you are as lucky and blessed as we were to have Sheri by your side. We promise It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Debbie Martin

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Stacia Holiman

Impeccable Florist

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I have used Sheri for several occasions including bouquets for high school formals and flower arrangements for friends. She is detail oriented and a great listener. Her work is always spot on and beyond my expectations. Sheri is the ultimate professional.

Claude de la Garza

Always perfect

5.0 rating

Sheri is my go to person for all my floral arrangements and she never disappoints, no matter how big or small.

Viviana Corredor

Best day-of coordinator!

5.0 rating

As a recent bride, I can say that hiring Sheri as our day-of-coordinator was the best thing we did! She took so much stress off of the actual wedding day. She did a phenomenal job making sure everything was set up perfectly at our venue the day of. She made sure all of our caterers arrived on time, the DJ showed up, the place settings, lights, and guestbook were set up! She did all the stuff we didn’t want to worry about on our wedding day.
For someone who planned a DIY wedding, Sheri was amazing with understanding the vision, and keeping things calm and in order. Not only is she kind, helpful, and intuitive, she understands spatially how things should be set up and how everything should flow. I fully trusted her input. I cannot recommend Sheri enough! She was amazing, and if there was a problem at our wedding…. I never knew about it

Meredith McKenna

Sheri is a master of flowers!

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Sheri is wonderful at what she does. Her thoughtfulness behind every creation, you can tell she puts her heart into it. She also does so well with knowing the aesthetic because she is in events. You can tell her casual, formal, “be creative” and she will match her artistry to the theme. I love working with her and cannot wait to use her again! Thank you Sheri!

Lauren R.

Wedding Wizard!

5.0 rating

Sheri is phenomenal!! My daughter recently got married and did not have to worry about anything….Sheri took care of EVERYTHING! She is a beautiful person, inside and out; full of integrity, smiles and love!! Sheri is very talented, organized and detail-oriented. She worked incredibly hard to make sure my daughter and now son-in-law had the day of their life!!!

Leslie Pankey

You won’t be disappointed!

5.0 rating

Sheri is amazing and delivers on all levels, whether it’s a custom floral design or overseeing your special event or wedding. She truly does it all!!

Marti Ratcliff

Sheri is just amazing!!

5.0 rating

I have ordered arrangements from Sheri for different events and I am amazed at her talent. She is so professional and so creative and her flowers are absolutely beautiful!! I got so many compliments after my mom’s birthday celebration, especially on an oversized centerpiece filled with fresh and gorgeous pink and white roses. It was divine!
I will never have to order from anyone else.

Claudia Bouchez

Creative perfectionist!!

5.0 rating

I have had the opportunity to watch Sheri in action at several events. She is a rare bird that uses both sides of her brain to create not only beautiful but flawlessly organized events. Top that off with her kindness, concern, and calm demeanor and you have the perfect planner!

Cindy Miller

Excellent bouquets for military ball

5.0 rating

Sheri produced two bouquets for a military ball in December. They were glorious…beautiful flowers, fresh, great display. Needed one to be larger for placement in front of a podium and she delivered.
We received many compliments on the arrangements.
Highly suggest using Sheri and plan to do so again.

Mary Claire Upton

You won’t just order once!

5.0 rating

I work at a high school and I’ve seen the hand tied clutch bouquets Sheri makes for the girls for Homecoming and prom, and they are beautiful! I’ve also seen flower arrangements Sheri does for events and they are breathtaking. Sheri is trustworthy, honest and has a light and smile that make you feel welcome and calm (some of these events can be stressful!). You’ll not only love her work, but her as well.

Patti McNeil

Amazing woman

5.0 rating

Sheri does not do ANYTHING that isn’t exceptional. I would quite literally trust her to do anything she told me she could do and know that it would turn out amazing. You cannot go wrong using her. She is organized, honest, kind, and the hardest worker I have ever known. Her beautiful flower arrangements speak for themselves!!

Laura Dzierzanowski

She’s does it all!

5.0 rating

Sheri is absolutely amazing! She treats every event like it’s for her family. She can do it all from planning to flowers.


Let Sheri Handle It All!

5.0 rating

Take all of the stress of planning your wedding or event off of your plate. Sheri does it all. She starts with planning that meets all your expectations. Next, she maps out every step so you know nothing will be missed.
Her flowers are beautiful and will exceed your expectations. As soon as you have your date, give Sheri a call and forget the stress!


Simply the Best!!

5.0 rating

Everything that Sheri does is absolutely beautiful just like her !! She is the sweetest and most professional lady you will ever meet ! Highly recommend her !

Martha Rutledge

Beautiful flowers for any occasion!!!

5.0 rating

I have ordered for different occasions and Sheri always does an amazing job!!!
Sheri is sweet, great to deal with and you can trust that she divers a beautiful arrangement every time!
I have also seen her work for weddings& showers!!! She’s just awesome💖


Amazing flower bouquets

5.0 rating

Sheri has made many nosegays for my kids formals, she has an impeccable eye for gorgeous arrangements! Would never go anywhere else for flowers now that Sheri shares her great work and style!!

Kim Perry

Flowers for large events

5.0 rating

Sheri is Amazing! I’ve been to many events where Sheri was the florist and she is so talented. She has an eye for scale and fits the arrangement to the theme of the event. Very reasonable and always reliable!

Kelly Mooz

Truly the best!

5.0 rating

It is not often that you work with someone who is so creative and talented but also organized and has attention to detail. You can trust Sheri with any project-large or small, as she does everything with excellence. She is professional, kind and her sweet spirit shines through when managing events and people.


Sheri is the cutest ever!

5.0 rating

Of course I would say that, I married her. But seriously, Isn’t she cute?